Mission & Principles

The Detroit Area Restorative Justice Center is a group of individuals working collectively to encourage accountability and respect within ourselves, our neighborhoods, and our communities through building relationships, offering resources and training, and repairing of harm that has occurred between people in order to promote peace, transformation, and healing.

We believe that participation in the prevention, development, and implementation of a restorative culture is the cornerstone of a strong, healthy community.

We believe that we need to be both proactive and retroactive in creating communities of care.

We see restorative justice as a way of living.

We acknowledge and work to rectify the injustices that are experienced by those who are most marginalized and oppressed by structural and societal violence.

We work to change cultural norms from punishment to healing, from retribution to restoration, in all systems.

We believe that conflict is a necessary part of growth and engage each other and ourselves with respect, patience and compassion through the process.

We know that when one is harmed or healed, all are affected; therefore, we aim first to create healthy supportive communities and, if harm occurs to support voluntary inclusion of all that have been impacted by harm with most care for those who suffer the most from the harm.

We operate from a core of non-violence and respect in our actions, listening, and sharing of our experiences and stories.