Training and Events

Thanks for your interest in getting involved with the Detroit Restorative Justice Network!


Join the Google Group
Join our google group and receive updates on events, resources, and opportunities from restorative justice and practice practitioners across the state of MI. Email us at to be added to the list.

Speaker Series
Every other month we will have a practitioner or group that does restorative justice come and share wisdom from his/her work.  Check our calendar for upcoming events.

Peacemaking Circles 101
Peacemaking circles are a tool for community building and resolving conflict that allows for people to listen deeply and share honesty.  Every 2-3 months we will host an introduction to Peacemaking Circles.  This is not a full training on being a Keeper of Peacemaking Circles, but a good beginning to learning how to implement this practice in your life.  Check our calendar for upcoming trainings.

We will have a conference/gathering in the Fall or Winter of 2012.  We will invite someone in from out of town to do additional training and to support us in developing a vision for the Detroit area in restorative justice for the next 5-10 years.

Core Steering Team
Become a part of the Core Steering Team for the Network.  We meet once every other month to make the vision of the Network into a reality.

If you have other suggestions or ideas of events you would like to be a part of creating and/or people we should bring in, please let us know!
If you would like more information on any of these events or have suggestions, please email us at