Staff & Steering Committee


Josephine Boakye – Co-Coordinator + Finance/Fundraising Committee

Kezia Curtis – Co-Coordinator + Programming Committee

Steering Committee

Marcia Lee (Executive & Outreach Committees) – a co-founder of the DARJC, Lee holds a master’s degree in Dispute Resolution and has eight years of experience practicing and advocating for restorative justice in communities, organizations, and schools.

Bill Wylie-Kellerman (Executive & Programming Committees) – a co-founder of the DARJC, Wylie-Kellerman is the pastor of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church as well as an educator, non-violent direct action organizer, and circle facilitator

Erika Fox (Executive & Fundraising/Finance Committees) – a co-founder of the DARJC, Fox is a licensed MSW who works at Alternatives for Girls.

Cynthia Tobias (Executive & Fundraising/Finance Committees) – dedicated community activist & massage therapist

Corina Fadel (Programming Committee) – a dedicated local organizer, writer & massage therapist

Tom Molina-Duarte (Programming Committee) – youth advocacy & leadership coordinator at the Ruth Ellis Center

Angela Abiodun (Outreach Committee) – founder of the Trade School Detroit, program director for the Detroit Food Academy, & yoga teacher in training

Erin Martinez (Outreach Committee) – mother, artist, & activist

Hannah Schottenfels (Outreach Committee) – MSW

Mindy Nathan (Fundraising/Finance Committee) – an educator and school administrator who is experienced in implementing restorative justice practices in school settings