About Us

The Detroit Area Restorative Justice Center is a group of individuals working collectively to encourage accountability and respect within ourselves, our neighborhoods, and our communities through building relationships, offering resources and training, and repairing of harm that has occurred between people in order to promote peace, transformation, and healing.

The DARJC started out of a gathering in March 2011 in which over 30 practitioners and people interested in restorative justice came together and decided that we had more to learn and teach each other.  A steering committee was formed, and we have been working to grow a network to connect practitioners.

The DARJC hosts a speakers series that brings in a guest speaker every other month, peacemaking circle basics every other month, practice sessions for practitioners, and we are planning on hosting a gathering/conference in the spring with a national presenter and as a community to create a vision for the Detroit area.  Through these events, we will come together to lean together; it is a process through which participants are expected to both give and receive through sharing experiences and knowledge.

If you are a restorative justice practitioner in the Detroit area, please consider joining us. We are a work in progress so your input and ideas for very important!  You can read our mission & principles here.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the network, please contact us at:  detroitrestorativejustice@gmail.com.