Peacemaking Circle 101 Training for Community/Neighborhood Leaders

This training will specifically focus on peacemaking circles for COMMUNITY/NEIGHBORHOOD SPACES 
(neighborhood, block clubs, community center)
Saturday, June 11 , 1pm-5pm
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
1950 Trumbull St.
Detroit, MI 48216
From this interactive workshop, you will learn about restorative practices, gain basic tools for leading a peacemaking circle, receive  information on integrating restorative practices on a community and neighborhood level, and leave with materials for continued practice and study.
$20-$50 sliding scale or non-monetary exchange 
(no one will be turned away)
all proceeds will go to 
the Detroit Area Restorative Justice Center.
Snacks and materials will be provided.
Please bring a pen, paper, and be ready to participate!
Please send questions to 

If you are not able to pay or would prefer to barter, please email back with what you would like barter and we can work out an exchange.

Peacemaking Circle 101 Training February 2016

Sponsored by the Detroit Area Restorative Justice Center
The co-trainers are:
Cynthia Tobias is a long time resident of Detroit, a parent, activist, community gardener, nurse, massage therapist and restorative justice practitioner. She was trained at the Ohashiatsu Touch for Peace Institute where she became a shiatsu practitioner. She teaches Re-evaluation Co-counseling, which is a deep listening skill that assists people in healing from individual, generational and systematic institutionalized hurts. She understand the innate connection between spirit, mind, body and all things living and approaches her work from this assumption.
Kezia Curtis, a life-long Detroit resident and enthused bicycle mechanic, is passionate about conflict reconciliation. Committed to community organizing, working with youth and urban farming, Curtis was introduced to Kingian Nonviolence as a senior at Martin Luther King Jr. Sr.  High School.   A summer employment program provided the necessary training that changed her perspective and definitions of conflict and nonviolence. Practicing nonviolence for numerous years, it has unarguably become a part of her life. Curtis was certified as a Level 2 trainer by the Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies Program at University of Rhode Island in 2012 and has since shared her love for and belief in the program with others. For more than a decade, Curtis has worked with youth in a wide range of settings from summer and after school programming, Kingian Nonviolence classes and workshops as well as leadership development programming.
Marcia Lee began with Restorative Justice working with men with a history of domestic violence.  Through this work she recognized the importance of creating circles of accountability and support, inner work, and community building.  Now, her work in Restorative Justice focuses in the communities that she is a part of in Detroit and Hamtramck.  Marcia has a masters in Dispute Resolution and is a trained Peacemaking Circle keeper.  She is a co-founder of the Detroit Area Restorative Justice Center, tai chi practitioner, aspiring pun maker, directs Cap Corps Midwest, a full time volunteer program (similar to AmeriCorps), and coordinates the Office of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation for the Capuchin Franciscans.

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