New Kids on The RJ Block

New Co-Coordinators Jo Boakye and Kezia Curtis will be settling into the Detroit Area Restorative Justice Center office next week.  They are both really excited to be a part of the team!  Jo focus on administrative organizing and the DARJC Network.  Kezia focus on programming and organizing opportunities for conflict resolution in Detroit.  We also want to introduce Amber Ogden who will be developing fundraising strategies for the center.

Please be on the look out for upcoming fundraisers, speakers series, community fish bowls, peace circle training, volunteer opportunities, and regular office hours. As the DARJC staff begin the planning process, please feel free to contact them via email ( with questions, concerns, ideas, or just to say hello.

A great time to meet Jo and Kezia will be during the:

Facilitation Restorative Conference Training
July 10th & 11th
8:30am – 4:30 pm (each day)

Participants will receive a certificate from the

International Institute for Restorative Practice.

 This is a benefit for anyone seeking employment in human services or education.  Click for more information on the training 

  Facilitated by Bill Sower

 This training is generally offered at $320 a person; however, Bill has generously agreed to offered to do the training pro bono.  The cost is for materials, food, and support of the Detroit Area Restorative Justice Center.  Your generosity helps us to work. 

The training registration cost is a sliding scale from $80-$240

If you can’t afford the full registration fee, we can set up barter, no one will be turned away.



Please fill out the registration form

and send in half of your registration fee prior to June 30.

Jo Boakye

Jo Boakye

Josephine Boakye (Jo) is an art enthusiast, tree-huger, health and wellness nerd/naturopath, people-loving introvert, Immigrant kid, aspiring world traveler, social change agent and closet goofball.  Jo completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan – majoring in Psychology and a minor in Urban and Community Studies.   Jo’s most recent work was with the University’s of Michigan’s Spectrum Center, where she worked directly with students and organizations to coordinate events and programs, sustain and build campus and community relationships and partnership.  Simultaneously Jo has continued to do social justice consultation work and is SO excited to bring her organizational skills to DARJC.

Kezia Curtis

Kezia Curtis

Kezia Curtis, a life-long Detroit resident and enthused bicycle mechanic, is passionate about conflict reconciliation. Committed to community organizing, working with youth and urban farming, Curtis was introduced to Kingian Nonviolence as a senior at Martin Luther King Jr. Sr.  High School.   A summer employment program provided the necessary training that changed her perspective and definitions of conflict and nonviolence. Practicing nonviolence for numerous years, it has unarguably become a part of her life. Curtis was certified as a Level 2 trainer by the Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies Program at University of Rhode Island in 2012 and has since shared her love for and belief in the program with others. For more than a decade, Curtis has worked with youth in a wide range of settings from summer and after school programming, Kingian Nonviolence classes and workshops as well as leadership development programming. A firm believer in the power of education, Curtis, takes inspiration from the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”


One response to “New Kids on The RJ Block

  1. Ms Kezia Curtis, your work and background is most impressive. It is also consistant with the work and teachings of Dr. Dudley Weeks, PhD, conflict partnership catalyst and trainer. In fact in his younger years Dr. Weeks worked with the MLK organization. Almost 40 years later he is focusing on sharing the knowledge and wisdom he has collected along the way. Two fo his more recent books may be of interest to you. Written in 2012 Life In The Quality Lane is intended for volunteer laity with conflicts of a family or community level or to train such persons. His most recent work, Conflict Partnership Catalyst Process, An Alternative to Traditional Mediation is a cumulative volume including his trademarked conflict partnership process, guildelines for professionals such as you to use the process, and other materials he uses in his trainings. Both books are available on Amazon or through the distributor, CreateSpace. If you are interested in either of them or in communicating with Dr. Weeks, please contact us at I will be pleased to give you codes for discounts on bulk orders or in contact with Dr. Weeks. Cordially, Mattie Tolley, assistant to Dr. Weeks,

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